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Day 48 afternoon

Living with Anel
2 min readJun 14, 2021


Monday 6/14, pm

Anel is doing better today.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday she was picking her left arm up and touching her face. Friday she was touching her cheek like, put some lotion on me. While she was sitting in her barton chair on Saturday she reached over to her bed and patted it. Sunday she reached up and scratched her chin. The same scratch I’ve seen a thousand times.

Despite the good movements this weekend, our emotions were all over the board.

Sunday she didn’t want to watch any tv. I sat on the side of her bed and we held hands and looked into each other's eyes for almost five hours. I really didn’t talk. The room was silent. Our hearts were heavy. Even if we could talk there weren’t any words to say. We just wanted to be together.

Today was a good shifting point, for both of us. We did sit in silence for a while. Her left hand was holding my left hand and I rested her right hand on my left forearm. She just about squeezed all the blood out of my arm. Her mouth was slightly open, teeth separated by a hair. Her tongue would move, every little while. Babygirl, I’m listening honey. What do you have to say? She was really concentrating. I know she’ll be speaking soon.

When her good friend showed up, Anel’s face lit up. She texted me shortly after I had left. The speech therapists were so excited about her attempts. They brought her a cup of ice. On command, she’d open her mouth. Wrap her lips around the spoon. Chew the ice and swallow without coughing. This is huge! It gets her mouth moving, shows her cognitive progression, and her ability to swallow without asphyxiating. Big bricks.

I’m so grateful for all those who support us. Some of you have been able to sit with her. Some pray. Some send me text messages. Some let me talk like a brother would. Everyone does something a little different and needed. One of my good buddies didn’t even ask, he just simply said, I’m taking care of these things at your burned-out house. Brings tears to my eyes. Thank you all for caring and contributing all in your ways. Every bit of love counts and if felt. You’re all loved.



Living with Anel

My wonderful wife of 20 years had her second stroke on 4/27/21. She’s supported by many loving friends and family. This site is to share the updates. — Ken